May 2022 Tour Dates

Oh hey, so Darling Waste is climbing out of the grave next month to play 3 shows in Ohio AND we’ve suckered our friend James Buckey into playing guitar with us! Buckey is a great friend of ours, who is part of our weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaign (which just had its 70th five-hour session!!!) so he felt socially obligated to be nice to us and help us fill out our songs live.

I don’t know a ton, but I imagine it’s super hard running an establishment that provides live music these days. And I know with our work schedules, families, tabletop gaming obligations, and other bands, it’s been really hard trying to carve out time to make the Darling Waste train roll again. So I know we’d all appreciate it just a ton if you could carve out the time and energy to come hang out with us at a show and enjoy some music and gloomy fellowship.

Details are on our website. Can’t wait to see you all at Big Room Bar, Mercury Music Lounge, and Strum Around!