VIA UNDER THE GUN:Happy Halloween! To celebrate our favorite holiday of the year we’ve partnered with our friends in Darling Waste to premiere the band’s first new song in nearly two years. “I Am The Villain” is a dark, driving rock song with a soaring chorus that launches the band’s signature sound into new territory, and we think it’s the perfect song to share right before you head out for a night of ghoulish fun.

“I Am The Villain” is not a one-off effort. Darling Waste are currently preparing a new album, and this track is just a taste of what they have in store for the future. You can read an excerpt from a message vocalist Lance Waste posted to Facebook regarding the song and its history below, followed by the track premiere:

As always, I wanted to keep the band alive so I started plugging in people. Friends, strangers from craigslist, people in other bands filling in. We started playing some pretty awful hometown shows, sounding more like a Darling Waste cover band than the real deal.

Then Donnie Talbott came back. Donnie was our original drummer and was with us for tons of diy touring. Then my friend Anthony Powers joined, giving us the punk rock bass and backing vocals we’d lost when Justin left. I recruited my friend Jesea Lee from One Days Notice to play guitar. He gives me the same energy and playing style as Daniel. The band sounds good again and we are on the same musical wavelength. But most of all, we are friends. We get along. We hang out. And it’s fun again. And for those of you who have seen us lately, it shows.
I don’t know when we are supposed to announce the details on the new album so I won’t. But there is a new album. And it’s on the way. Soon. It’s a full length and it’s rock music again. I’m excited to show you.

The single is done. I wrote it about two years ago. It’s one of the songs I always knew would make the album. I wrote it about a girl who I was kind of sort of dating. We told everyone we weren’t dating but it sure felt like a break up when it ended. Anyway the song is pretty mean. I played it for her and she thinks I’m a dick and I probably am. But she’s happy now, I’m happy now and we are still good friends. So it’s all good.

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